Sunday, February 18, 2007

Craigslist + RSS = Sweet Deals

Ever wish you could heave a "steal of a deal" pushed through the internet directly to your inbox? Now you can. I stumbled upon this neat trick last week and had to share.

I prefer a site like Craigslist. Search for [bills] and nothing else. What results is a list of people who are generally selling so they can "pay the bills" or "have bills to pay" or... you get the idea. Often, they are very motivated sellers. It is here where you will find your steal of a deal.

"But wait," you ask, I still have to manually search for this stuff. That's not convenient!

Enter RSS.Subscribe to the RSS feed of the search query you just executed (in Firefox, click on the little RSS icon in the URL bar), and off you go--in Firefox, just subscribe to the "live bookmark" and you've got your self an automatically updating list of great deals on craigslist.