Monday, September 10, 2007

iPhone, therefore iAm

So I just got my new iPhone on Saturday September 8th. Man, what a joy this thing is to use. I will admit that there are a few shortcomings that have been covered by other sites. The first I encountered was that seemingly almost any iPhone case or cover that you buy is not dockable. (UPDATE: InvisibleShield is dockable, I bought one, and it's worth every penny.) Few are, and these few typically have the bottom-left and bottom-right corners chisled out of the case's design to allow dockability. Of course, you could get a screen cover to protect the glass screen, but after PC World's torture test, I'm not really sure if it's necessary.

A point to note: iPhone does not come with a native IM application. However, as of August 15th, is your one-stop shop to temporarily solve this mess until native apps arrive on the scene from either Apple itself, or other third-party developers and a little hackery. With Meebo, you use Safari to browse to the main page. Meebo detects iPhone as the browsing device, and delivers a specially coded version of its site that looks and feels like a native iPhone app. Pretty cool.

The only downside to this is that if you move away from that one "dynamic web page" of sorts (i.e., open a new browser window or switch to another application within iPhone), you have no idea whether or not you've received any IMs--although it appears you remain logged into the messaging client as long as you have an internet connection.