Monday, March 31, 2008

Kevin Johnson's mayoral campaign spoofing Caller ID

I just got a call from someone with a Caller ID of 000000000000 (that's twelve zeros). Normaly I don't answer calls from blocked numbers. However, I had not encountered a string of twelve zeros before. Naturally, I decided to investigate and answered the call.

Who might it be calling me that is motivated enough to spoof a Caller ID? Turns out it was the campaign to elect "Kevin Johnson for Mayor" of Sacramento, CA. The call girl asked for me by name, then proceeded to tell me all about why I should support Kevin Johnson for Mayor, before asking me if she could count on my support. I laughed, told her "not today" and hung up.

Pretty dodgy--why not just have the Caller ID show up? It's not like he has anything to hide... or does he?