Monday, April 28, 2008

Migrating (moving) mail from Yahoo! Mail to Gmail

Wow, so I just discovered this open source tool called YPOPs! that magically gives you POP3 access to Yahoo! Mail. How does it do it? From the web site:
YPOPs! is an application which emulates a POP3/SMTP mail server and provides free POP3 and SMTP access to Yahoo! Mail. It does not depend on Yahoo's POP3/SMTP mail server. You can use a mail client of your choice!
I only stumbled across this tool because I was trolling through my old Yahoo! Mail account and noticed that I had some things in there worth preserving (i.e., moving to my Gmail account), so I decided to give it a try.

Long story short? Piece of cake. I took all my mail and transferred it over to my Gmail account. Even my sent mail, which at first seemed impossible because the program doesn't offer to download mail from your sent folder. However, simply by creating a user-defined folder called "MySentMail" and then moving all messages from the Sent folder into your MySentMail folder, you can then add that MySentMail folder to the download list within YPOPs! and then transfer it over to Gmail.

A big thank you to the developers of this useful little tool:
  • Brian Gunlogson: UIDL patch, bug fixes
  • Leif Jensen: UIDL patch, bug fixes
  • Yogesh Khatri: Patches, bug fixes and new features
  • Ssergey: For the translation of the help file to Russian
  • Last but not the least, all the people who have provided their inputs for the help file.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Source: Qik coming to iPhone "pretty soon"

Still in its alpha beginnings, Qik ( has a really cool concept: stream live video and audio from your mobile phone to the web for anyone to see. The iPhone seems like the perfect match for this service, but it only supports various versions of Nokia phones at the moment.

This may be changing. I hear tell from a little bird that iPhone support is coming soon... "Pretty soon," according to my source inside Qik. While that is a pretty vague response, it's specific enough for me to be excited. Let's hope they get the interface right.

The only catch I'm wondering about is: Will it work on the current iPhone, which uses the EDGE network (slow), or will it only work on future iPhones that will support the faster 3G network? I suppose you could use wifi.

Your thoughts?

UPDATE 6/12/08: This has now been confirmed by Kevin Rose of (He's getting it installed this weekend.)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

iPhone speaker volume too soft/quiet? Try this.

If your iPhone's speakers just aren't loud enough, give this a try.

Just a fair warning: doing this will most likely void your warranty, if you care about things like that.

Items required: safety pin or other small, sharp object to prick small holes
  1. Open the iPod application and start a song playing so you can hear the "before" volume and how much it sucks.
  2. Locate your iPhone's speaker. (If you're looking directly at the phone, it's on the bottom-left.)
  3. Using a needle, safety pin or other small sharp object, prick a few holes in the plastic layer that separates the speaker from the outside world. (Why did Apple put this plastic piece here, anyway, knowing how much it dampens the sound and makes the speaker all but useless? Who knows... maybe to protect against moisture damage? Oh well.) Prick as many holes as you'd like. I pricked every last one of those suckers.
  4. Marvel at your ingenuity and enjoy the much louder volume of your coveted iPhone.