Sunday, April 20, 2008

iPhone speaker volume too soft/quiet? Try this.

If your iPhone's speakers just aren't loud enough, give this a try.

Just a fair warning: doing this will most likely void your warranty, if you care about things like that.

Items required: safety pin or other small, sharp object to prick small holes
  1. Open the iPod application and start a song playing so you can hear the "before" volume and how much it sucks.
  2. Locate your iPhone's speaker. (If you're looking directly at the phone, it's on the bottom-left.)
  3. Using a needle, safety pin or other small sharp object, prick a few holes in the plastic layer that separates the speaker from the outside world. (Why did Apple put this plastic piece here, anyway, knowing how much it dampens the sound and makes the speaker all but useless? Who knows... maybe to protect against moisture damage? Oh well.) Prick as many holes as you'd like. I pricked every last one of those suckers.
  4. Marvel at your ingenuity and enjoy the much louder volume of your coveted iPhone.