Saturday, May 3, 2008

2008 Arthritis Walk

And now for this public service announcement. Did you know that over 46 million Americans have arthritis of one kind or another? That's almost 1 in 5 Americans who have arthritis. Chances are, you know someone who suffers from this debilitating disease.

This weekend, my girlfriend (an arthritis sufferer herself) and I walked 2 miles in the 2008 Arthritis Walk to raise money for researchers to find a cure for arthritis. Over 400 people attended this walk in Sacramento, CA, with thousands more doing all over the country so as the days and weeks roll along.

Sacramento's Arthritis Walk has its own success story in Team Derek, a group of individuals who collectively raised over $5,000 in honor of Derek, who was diagnosed with arthritis when he was only five years old. Quite inspiring.

For more information and to find a walk near you, check out and raise awareness.
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