Sunday, November 8, 2009

TweetDeck not working behind your corporate firewall? Try this.

Sometimes you've got a pesky firewall (AKA "proxy server") in your way that prevents you from accessing certain websites. TweetDeck, a popular twitter client running on the Adobe Air platform, seems to have some issues connecting to twitter behind my corporate firewall. I came to find out recently that it is not TweetDeck that is to blame, so much as it is Adobe.

Anyway, here's the fix. Once TweetDeck launches, click on the question mark button at the top right (the tooltip will say "Launch TweetDeck Support"). What should happen is a little window pops up asking you for your proxy server username and password, and then the TweetDeck support website will open. Once this happens, simply click the Refresh button in TweetDeck and your tweets should appear.

Did this work for you, too? Post a comment and let the world know.

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