Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gilt Groupe spams Chromebook customers with Jetsetter emails

A few days ago, I received an email from the Chromebook team at Google offering me a special sneak peak at the Samsung Chromebook, offered through Gilt Groupe--curiously, I had never heard of Gilt before and wondered why Google didn't simply sell this product themselves, as they did with their G1.

So, as any tech-obsessed geek would, I decided to check out the link, which required my email address in order to view. I at first attempted to skirt around giving my email address, but found that indeed, I could not view the offer. So, I gave in. I gave them my email... and wouldn't you know it, not a day later, I've got some message in my Inbox from a company called Jetsetter.

I get a lot of misdirected emails--people signing up for things and using the wrong email, people sending email to friends and family (those are always interesting) ... so much so that I have a "canned response" in gmail which is a one-click wonder that says:


You emailed [my email address] but I'm not the person you're looking for. Just thought you'd like to know.


So of course, I thought this was another one of those deals and so I proceeded to reset this person's password and see if I could track down any personal information about this user and inform him of his error. As it turns out, that user was me. Only I never signed up for Jetsetter.

While on the Jetsetter website, I noticed a tab at the top that said "Gilt."

"No way," I thought. So I clicked it and sure enough it took me back to Gilt, where I put two and two together: Jetsetter was a part of Gilt. Messages on Google Groups confirm this, and people are pissed.

So far, I've only received a couple emails from Gilt and Jetsetter, but whoever at Google decided to go with Gilt should be held to the fire for this one--totally irresponsible, especially since they've been able to sell their G1 in their own store. Why not the Chromebook, too? Did they not know that this would happen? Did Gilt simply drop the ball? What the hell happened here?

Readers: Did you get spammed? How many times? How does this affect your trust in Google, and how does this affect your trust in Gilt--that is, if you ever trusted them in the first place?