Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Block Any Pop-Up From Any Site (Like

Sometimes pop-up blockers just don't work. Here's how to prevent any web site from issuing a pop-up window directly in your face. Instructions here are for Chrome, but you can probably do this to any modern web browser. At least, one can dream.

  1. Go to Preferences
  2. Go to Under the Hood > Privacy > Content Settings...
    1. Alternatively, just search for "pop-up" in the Preferences search box
  3. Scroll to Pop-ups, then click Manage Exceptions...
    1. Of course, make sure the "Do not allow..." radio button is activated
  4. Add a new hostname pattern similar to this: [*.] and select Deny from the dropdown. Example: [*.]
Again, most of the time, pop-up blockers work... but sometimes they don't. This tip was documented here so that in the rare case you get some dastardly site like that slips past the iron curtain, at least you've got a big fly swatter waiting for that pop-up window that hopefully you'll never see after making this change.